Have you caught yourself looking in the mirror and wondering how to rewind the clock? 

What if we told you that you can? With world leading products, and passionate Medical professionals at Derma Studio, we can help you on your journey to looking younger and feeling more confident. Whether you would like to target a specific area, highlight your favourite features or simply rejuvenate your look, we have the treatments for you.

Our clinic provides a professional environment, where you can be confident that you have chosen the best, with over 10 years experience within the Cosmetic Injectables and Beauty Industries.  We work with the world leading products and medical grade skin care, to ensure you get the results you want. Our Vision is to provide you with a holistic approach to your skin and  treatments. We are always striving for you to have optimal results!

Our Team

Our Registered Nurse Michelle O’Toole, is an experienced Cosmetic Injector and a Senior Beauty Therapist, who did her training with Juv’ae. Michelle is a passionate injector who loves creating subtle and natural results for her clients.  “I love the results that can be created through Cosmetic Injectables and Advanced Skin Treatments”. Michelle’s goal is help educate her clients, to work with you to an provide appropriate and result driven treatment plan. I 

Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Cosmetic Injectables
Registered Nurse: Michelle O'Toole NMW0002075766


What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections? 

Anti-wrinkle injectables work as a muscle relaxant, it blocks the signal between the nerves and the muscle, which prevents the muscle from contracting causing wrinkles and expression lines. Anti-wrinkle injectables are now the most widely used cosmetic treatment, due to its fast-acting and effective results. Anti-wrinkle injectables are a great solution to relax muscles, which are causing an undesired aesthetic results.


Where can Anti-wrinkle injectables be used?

There are many different areas which Anti-wrinkle injectables can be used. Most common areas are, but not limited to;


·       Frown lines

·       Forehead lines

·       Crows feet

·      LipFlip/Gummie Smile



How long do Anti-Wrinkle injectables last?

Results can be noticed between 2-7 days, however is can take up to 2 weeks for full effect to be reached. Results can generally last between 3-4 months, depending on your muscle activity, metabolism, skin care routine and lifestyle factors. As Anti-wrinkle injectables are not permanent, maintenance is required to maintain desired effect.  

How much do Anti-Wrinkle injectables cost?

At Derma Studio we offer two different Anti-wrinkle products which can be discussed within the consultation. The products range in price between $4.50 per unit. Packages are available!


If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to call or message Michelle. She is always here to answer questions.

Immediately after treatment, do not rub or touch the areas which have been treated and do not lie down for 4-6 hours post treatment. This is because we do not want the product to move into muscles we don’t want to be treated.

Things to avoid for 24 hours:
The following may increase the risk of bruising:
• alcohol
• exercise/excessive sweating
• anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen (Nurofen) and Diclofenac (Voltaren)

If bruising occurs, Arnica tablets can be used.
Some clients may get headaches after treatment. In case, use Paracetamol for pain relief.

Things to avoid for 48 hours:
Exposure to heat treatments might reduce the effectiveness of your injectibles such as:
• saunas
• hot tubs
• tanning beds

As Anti-wrinkle injections will take 2 weeks to take complete effect it is best not to have laser treatments, facials, waxing or face down massage within that time period. It is important to attend your 2 week review as you may need further medication in some cases, this will be an additional fee.

Why do I need Dermal Fillers?

It is estimated you lose around 1-2% of Collagen a year after the age of 30, and a staggering 30% loss of Collagen in the first 5 years of Menopause. Which are the foundations for skin hydration, elasticity and youthful appearance.

With added stressors such as environmental and lifestyle factors, Collagen and Elastin break down even faster leading to premature ageing.

During the ageing process your bone structures change, the fat pads under the skin move downwards, and the muscles become weaker. All of these factors combined can create fine lines, wrinkles and leave you with a sunken/sagging effect.

There are three main reasons for premature ageing.

  • UV/Sun damage
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Environmental Factors

How do Dermal Fillers work?

The ingredient in Dermal Filler occurs naturally within skin, it provides the skin with hydration, improves collagen and elastin, skin health and over all aesthetics. Dermal Fillers help bind water to the cells in your skin which, restores your skins natural volume/hydration, can add structure and support and can create or enhance desired features.

Where can I get Dermal Fillers?

There are several areas Dermal Fillers can be used. Most common but not limited to;

  • CheeksLip Filler, Juvederm, Ultra XC, Ultra Plus XC, Voluma
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Temple
  • Nasolabial folds (Smile Lines)
  • Tear Trough

What is the Cost of Dermal Fillers?

Depending on the product used, the area treated and the amount product required the price will vary. At Derma Studio, Dermal Fillers range between $499 and $650 per mL.

Are Dermal Fillers safe?

At Derma Studio we provide a safe environment, and work closely with our Doctors to reduce the risks associated with Dermal Fillers. As the is a Medical procedure there are some risks such as Infection, Occlusions, Blindness and Necrosis. However, Derma Studio avoid the ‘Danger’ zones and will always refer to a Specialist if we deem the treatment you require is outside our scope of practice. When choosing a Cosmetic Injector always check their Registration, check the environment of the clinic and choose an Injector that has appropriate Policies and Procedure and support in the rare event of an emergency.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to call or message Michelle. She is always here to answer questions. With Dermal Fillers if you experience any severe pain or discolouration please contact Michelle immediately and send a photo of the affected area.

Immediately after treatment, do not rub or touch the areas which have been treated and do not lie down for 6 hours post treatment. This is because we do not want product to move.

Things to avoid for 24 hours:
You may experience, bruising, swelling and tenderness, Arnica tablets or Hirudoid cream can be used to help the healing process.
• avoid wearing make-up
• alcohol
• exercise/excessive sweating
• sun/ UV exposure, exposure to extreme hot/cold climates
• anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen (Nurofen) and Diclofenac (Voltaren). Some clients can get headaches after treatment, in this insistence use Paracetamol for pain relief.
• Exposure to heat treatments such as saunas, hot and tanning beds

Lip Fillers – you may feel lumps in your lips for up to 2 weeks after treatment.

As per consultation and signed consent for it may take several appointments to complete your discerned aesthetic goals. It is important to attend your 2 week review to assess your treatment. Please note that the practice of medicine is not an exact science and no guarantee can be or have been made concerning expected results.

Skin Booster Treatment 



From $450 per ml



What is a Skin Booster treatment?


This cosmetic treatment uses nanosoft needles to deliver a cocktail of high molecular weight dermal filler and a variety of essential nutrients into the skin. It is a quick and painless procedure that will leave your skin looking hydrated and radiant. 


Who would benefit from this treatment?


Most skin types will benefit from this treatment. From premature ageing, aging skin, crepey skin (under-eyes, neck & hands) and great for general skin pick me up or a boost to your skin prior to an event . 


Perfect for clients who are not suitable for Tear Trough filler. 


Benefits of Skin Booster  

·       Hydrating 

·      Improve skin texture

·       Improved Skin barrier and quality 

·       Increase collagen production 

·       Prevention of premature aging skin

·       Boost cell regeneration and collagen production 



Is there any downtime? 


There is little to no down time with this treatment, small lumps are visible post treatment, some clients may experience lumps & redness for 24-48 hours post treatment. 


It is recommended to get this treatment done 1-2 weeks before an event to allow the ingredients to be at optimal levels in the skin. 


How often should I get this treatment?


Results can last up to 3 months. We recommend this treatment be maintained similar to Anti-wrinkle maintenance for optimal skin health. 

JuvaSlim Fat-Dissolving

Chin -$350 per session

Abdomen – $990 per session

Flanks – $990 per session 

3-4 sessions required.


Chin x3 sessions – $900

Abdomen or Flanks x3 sessions – $2700

Chin & Abdomen or Flanks x3 sessions – $3600

Abdomen & Flanks x6 sessions – $4999

What is JuvaSlim Fat-Dissolving

Fat-dissolving is an effective way to permanently destroying stubborn pockets of fat cells. It helps provide a more defined body and can help restore self confidence to those problem areas. 

Who can get JuvaSlim Fat-Dissovling? 

This treatment would be beneficial for people who are either natural slim but have problem areas where fat cells accumulate and not matter what diet or exercise they do it does not budge. 


It is suitable for those clients who have lost weight through diet and exercise, but still those stubborn areas. 

How often do I get treatment and Is there downtime?

You would need to complete 3-4 sessions four weeks after. For final result it will take between 3-4 months. 

Chin Treatments-  Clients can have swelling between 2-4 weeks. 

Abdomen and flanks – swelling is the same, however less noticeable and can  easily covered by clothes during healing time.


Hyperhidrosis is excess sweating. Hyperhirdosis may be slight or serve, sometimes clients can experience dripping sweat and/or soaked clothing.  It can cause emotional distress and social withdrawal due to symptoms. At Derma Studio we understand the impact hyperhidrosis may have on your day to day life and may be able to offer some symptom relief. 

Most commonly affected areas;


  • Palms of hands Botox, dysport, hyperhirosis
  • Soles of feet
  • Underarms 
  • Face



Treatment can include a range of approaches depending on severity and how your body reacts to treatment. These can include;

  • Prescription Antiperspirants
  • Prescription Anti-wrinkle medications 
  • In more serve cases Doctors may suggest surgery. 

 The most common form of hyperhidrosis is primary focal hyperhidrosis; which is when the nerves that signal your sweat glands to work become overactive. This means the sweat glands may become active without the normal triggers such as temperature increase or increased physical activity.  

Primary focal hyperhidrosis can be hereditary and generally has no medical cause. There are other forms of Hyperhidrosis which can be related to medical conditions. 

We recommend clients seek medical advice to rule out serious health concerns, prior to treatment. There are many reasons for Hyperhirosis.These may include but limited to;


  •        Stress/anxiety
  •        Diabetes
  •        Menopause hot flashes
  •        Thyroid problems
  •        Low blood sugar
  •        Some types of cancer
  •        Heart attack
  •        Nervous system disorders
  •       Infections

For any further information contact us or your GP to advise if Anti-wrinkle medication treatment for Hyperhidrosis is appropriate for you. 

As per consultation and signed consent, it is not permanent, treatment will need to be maintained and it may take several treatments for optimal results. It is important to attend your 2 week review to assess your treatment. Please note that the practice of medicine is not an exact science and no guarantee can be or have been made concerning expected results.


Only available in Sydney and Queanbeyan !

Epidermal levelling is the perfect treatment for smooth and flawless skin. 

By using a surgical blade we level the skin of unwanted fine hairs and dead skin cells. 

This allows the skin to absorb products better into the skin, but also creates a beautiful smooth surface. 

Epidermal Levelling only
Includes, cleanse, levelling and SPF.

Epiermal leveling Facial $50
Includes, cleanse, levelling, hydrating mask, serums, moisturiser and SPF.

Epidermal Levelling & Lactic Acid Peel $250
Includes, cleanse, levelling, peel, mask, serums, moisturiser.

Epidermal levelling & Advanced Peels $300

Includes, cleanse, levelling, peel, mask, serums and moisturiser.

Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Filler, Peel

Only available Sydney and Queanbeyan 


Lactic Acid Peel – Cost: $100 – $120.00

 20% or 40% Lactobotanical Peels harness the power of Lactic Acid. This treatment is a great way introduce your skin to peels. Giving your skin a hydration boost it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin bright and refreshed

 Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. It is safe for pregnant/lactating women. 


Complete Pigment Peel – Cost: $150.00

 Formulated with Salicylic Acid, Tyrostat11™️ and high quality vitamin C,  this powerful pigment peel help combat sun-damage, pre-mature ageing and dull skins. This peel helps restore radiant, youthful looking skin.  

Suitable for all skin types, caution is applied with more sensitive skins. This peel is not suitable for pregnant/lactating women. 


Triple Action Peel – Cost: $180.00

A unique multi-action skin peel, containing Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Lanablue™️. Lanablue™️ mimics retinoids helping to regulate the skins natural oils, regulate melanin production and improves skin texture. This power combo targets lacklustre skin, fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation. 

Suitable for all skin types, caution is applied with more sensitive skins. This peel is not suitable for pregnant/lactating women. 


Problematic Skin Peel – Cost $150.00 

 Combines skin renewal and anti-imperfection actions of Salicylic Acid and Beracare AAA™️ to help purify and soothe problematic skins. Helps reduce breakouts, under-surface congestion, redness and irritation. 

 Suitable for skin types with excess oil, congestion and redness. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. 

 Peel Packages: Purchase 3 treatments you receive your 4th FREE*.

*to be used within 6 months of purchase.  

Skin Peels, Lacid acid, salicylic acid

                     Cosmelan peel, Cosmelan 1, Cosmelan 2

Only available in Sydney & Queanbeyan. We require two weeks notice prior to appointment. 

Many of us has some from of skin pigmentation, it is believed that 90% of people over the 50 years old have melanic hyperpigmentation. It is one of the most common skin reasons for clients visiting a skin clinic, beauty salon or dermatologist. It can impact many aspects of a clients life, so we are here to help you through your Cosmelan journey to clearer more even skin.

What types of pigmentation can be treated?

  • Sun-damage                                 
  • Cosmelan Peel, Cosmelan 1, Cosmelan 2Ageing
  • Melasma
  • Ephelides ( Freckles)
  • Senile Lentigo (Age spots)
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • Pigmentation caused by photosensitising medications and chemical exposure (perfumes etc).

What is pigmentation?

Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin colour. We all have different amounts of melanin in our skin, the more melanin you have the more colour you have to your skin.

It is measured in what’s called a Fitzpatrick scale 1-6

  • 1 – Light skin, red hair, blue eyes and burns easily
  • 2 – Fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and burns, peels and rarely tans
  • 3 – Beige skin, dark blonde/light brown hair, light brown/hazel eyes and burns on occasion and sometimes tans
  • 4 – Olive to light brown skin, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, burns rarely and tans often.
  • 5 – Dark brown skin, dark brown/black hair, dark brown eyes, almost never burns and always tans.
  • 6 – Dark brown to darkest brown, black hair, brownish black eyes, never burns, always tans darkly.

Melanocytes are the cells that are responsible for the production of melanin and are found in the basal layer of the epidermis. Melanocytes create Melanosomes that are filled with melanin. The melanin filled granules migrate to the superficial layer of the skin, which brings melanin (pigment) closer to the surface of the skin, creating a dark visible spot, patch or area.

How does it work?

Cosmelan acts on the Stratum Corneum, by targeting this area it stimulates cell turnover and epidermal renewal, intensively combating the build-up of melanin. It also acts on reducing the amount of melanin that is being formed, which in turn reduces the appearance of dark spots.

This two step approach inhibits Tyrosinase activation within the Melanosome reducing melanin synthesis and reduces the functions of Tyrosinase.

Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Always book your appointment in the morning to allow appropriate time to leave the peel on. 

Cosmelan, cosmelan 1, cosmelan 2

Firstly we will conduct a thorough skin consultation and assess your skin. We need to determine what type of pigmentation you have and the underlying trigger for your pigmentation. Once we have established your concerns, your pigmentation and treatment plan, we can begin treatment.

The Cosmelan method is delivered in four simple phases in order to reach final results.

Phase I – Intensive depigmentation, Professional peel Cosmelan 1

Cosmelan 1 is applied in Clinic, you will leave the clinic with the peel on.  It is then left on for 8-12 hours and removed at home.

For 72 hours you will use Post care products. In this time and by day 3 you will be starting the peeling process, peeling severity is different for everyone, it can last up to 7 days. 

Phase II – Continuous depigmentation, at home program, Cosmelan 2, Post care kit and Home essentials kit.

Follow the protocol given to you by your skin clinician. This protocol is to be followed for the first 4 weeks post Cosmelan 1 treatment.

Phase III & IV – Pigmentation regulation and Reappearance control, at home program, Cosmelan 2 and Home essential kit.   

Follow the protocol given to you by your skin clinician. This protocol is to be followed for 5 months post phase II.

It is imperative to follow your program and ONLY use Mesoestetic home care products as part of the Cosmelan method to achieve the best possible outcome.

What is the downtime?

Different skin types react and skin thickness may react differently to the Cosmelan method. We suggest you allow last up to 7 days downtime.

In some cases clients may experience;

  • Swelling                                                                  
  • Pain
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Itching
  • Scaling
  • Superficial desquamation (peeling)
  • Erythema (Redness)
  • Acne breakout
  • Herpes simplex breakout
 Treatment Price 

Professional Peel and Home care – $1499 

Includes; Cosmelan 1, Cosmelan 2, Post treatment home pack and Home Essentials Kit. 

Cosmelan 2 and Home care – $699

This treatment can be done at home, its best for mild pigmentation on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. 

Includes; Cosmelan 2, Home Essentials Kit and Sunscreen. 

Cosmelan 1, cosmelan 2 Cosmelan 2, Cosmelan home kit


‘An exclusive range of physician only, high performance skincare that has been expertly engineered to target individual skin concerns. Combining active ingredients with cutting edge technology to protect your most precious asset. 

Aspect DR



‘A collection of UVA and UVB SPF 50 and 50+ skincare to elevate your daily routine. Ultra-hydrating, lightweight and fast absorbing for all-year-round.’ 

Aspect Sun

                                    ASAP Skin Products 
‘ASAP  skin products is an innovative Australian owned company successfully providing the highest quality cosmeceutical skincare for men and women of all skin types. The range is Australian made and offers concise, uncomplicated skin care for busy people.’

ASAP skin care, botox, juverderm




  • New clients at Derma Studio must have a consultation prior to treatment. This involves a Medical consent form to be completed and an assessment conducted by our Medical professionals. This allows any questions you may have to be answered and to ensure you are receiving the correct treatment for you.
  • Once initial consultation is completed, your script is valid for 12 months.
  • A new consultation will be conducted if your medical circumstances change or if your script is no longer valid.  


  • Derma Studio requires a $50.00 deposit on all appointments. Your booking will be confirmed once deposit is received.
  • The $50.00 deposit will be redeemable off the treatment price.
  • Deposits are non-refundable unless the Medical Practitioners deem to treatment unsuitable for the individual.

Cancellations/ No Shows:

  • We ask you to kindly to give us as much time as possible when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. 
  • Deposits will be forfeited on Cancellations or rescheduled appointments  with less than 24 hours notice.
  • Cancellations and rescheduled appointments over 24 hours, your deposit will be valid for 1 month.

Payment Options:

  • Debit, Visa or Mastercard
  • Cash
  • Zip Pay – If you choose this service it is the individuals responsibility for repayments and to follow the policies of Zip Pay. 

Refund Policy:

  • Derma Studio has a no refund policy. 
  • All treatments are not transferrable to other individuals or to other clinics.

Complaints or Adverse Events:

  • Derma Studio provides Medical Cosmetic Treatments, all treatments will be explained in detail prior in the consultation process on benefits, risks and side effects.
  • Post care instructions will be explained in consultations and after treatment.
  • We have policies and procedures in place in the unlikely event of an adverse event or side effect. 
  • If you have any concerns regarding your treatment or have any questions, we are here to help. Please contact Derma Studio immediately so we can ensure the best outcome for you.


  • All records and information collected by Derma Studio is kept strictly confidential. 
  • We seek consent from each individual in relation to photographs being used for promotional or educational purposes. 

Refusal of Treatment:

  • As Cosmetic Injectables are prescription based medical procedure. Derma Studio and the Medical Practitoners reserves the right to refuse treamtent to any individual based on clinical judgement. 

Your compliance with the above T&C’s in appreciated. 


Monday – Queanbeyan 9am – 6pm
Tuesday – Manuka 9:30am to 5:30pm
Wednesday – Belconnen 10am to 6pm

Sydney once a month
Friday – 9am to 5:30pm
Saturday – 9am to 4pm

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